Online Slots

Overview & Basics

The slot machine is one of the most simple and popular forms of gambling and recreation in the world. Invented and refined in the late 19th century, the game of slots has risen to a major attraction at casinos and online game sites today. Typically when someone walks into a casino, the first thing that they see is the “one armed bandit.” Many pubs, bars and restaurants have different varieties of electronic slot machines as well.

The slot machine and online slots have a very simple premise; line up 3 or more pictures of the same type in a row, and you win. Slots are played by betting chips, coins, or electronic credits.

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How to Play

To play online slots, you start with a certain amount of money determined by your membership, or how much money you have in your account, depending on the service you use. The player selects how many credits they are willing to bet per spin, and then the player starts the game. Once a bet has been made, an arm is pulled, or in the case of electronic or online, a button is pushed, and the slot machine’s mechanisms spin randomly. Each of the 3 or more wheels spins and each wheel stops at a different time.

Slot machines have a variety of different groups of shapes or items such as fruit or other images. Once the spinning wheels have stopped, the machine then evaluates whether or not the fruits match. If the spin reveals three matching fruits, then the player wins. There are usually a variety of different shapes and categories such as cherries, lemons etc. and sometimes different matches provide a free spin where the money that was bet is won back.

Each slot machine will have a clearly marked area where the pay-outs are listed, and what combinations are considered pay-outs and which combinations are a free spin. The machines will also show the different amounts of bets that are available to the player. There are several varieties of slot machine. The most basic has three wheels and the more complex varieties have 5, 7 and even 9.

Betting Options & Systems

Betting on slots is different as you cannot select which variation you are betting on. The odds come from the different varieties or combinations of the fruits or images to match up. Depending on the online game, your bets consist of higher increments of credits, or amounts of money such as 5, 10, 15, 20 etc.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are games that have become popular of late. Instead of simply betting against the probability that a pay-out will happen, the machine slowly builds up a pay-out. Simply put, the game is played and the more that you play, the higher the pay-out will be if the player wins. The sum total is gradually increased the longer the player plays. This helps to encourage the player to continue to play and the player doesn’t feel the need to go to different machines to better their luck. It also helps ensure the house, or game website keeps a steady flow of credits or money into their machine, as there is more excitement for the player and an increased feeling that the player is advancing or investing in a higher payoff.


Slots pay-outs are done by mathematical probability. With modern software, this number can be raised or lowered, depending on the game and the casinos or gaming website. Make sure to research the particular site or location where you are playing and learn about their specific method of pay-outs. Typically, the less it costs to wager or bet, the lower the pay-outs but the higher the probability. The reverse is also true when it comes to higher priced betting machines or games.

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Hints & Tips

Although Slot machines are considered unbeatable, it is possible to win in the short term. Slot machines and games are obviously capable of being rigged, but the industry is regulated and there are laws and regulation in place to keep the likelihood of that under control.

One thing to remember when betting is that a slot is not more likely to pay-out the more you play it. The slot machine is not a deck of cards where the probabilities of certain cards are likely to play once other cards are played. Each spin has its own independent probability. A solid strategy for slots is to play until you feel as though you’ve lost what you can afford. Another is to lower your bet when you’re losing. This lengthens how long you are able to play when you have a limited amount of money or credits and lessens the losses until you win. The opposite is true if you are winning. The more you bet, the more you will win.