Online Baccarat

Basics and overview

Baccarat has a rich and illustrious past, being a preferred game of aristocracy and of the well-heeled. Baccarat tables are typically kept in separate areas of casinos. Today, baccarat is quite popular online, and is no longer reserved for the upper class of society.

Online Baccarat is typically played with just two players; the computer or the house, and the player. There are online sites that allow other players to be involved in betting. The one on one environment provides a more comfortable relaxed environment and allows for a relaxed learning environment where the rules and nuances can be learned quickly.

Baccarat starts with six decks, and sometimes eight in physical casinos. In Baccarat, the card values change from other forms of card games. Cards 2-9 have their face value, while the ace card has a value of one. All other cards have a value of zero.

The object of Baccarat, in essence, is to bet on one of three variations, and bet which hand will be closest to the number 9.


There are only two hands in online Baccarat-the dealer’s and the player’s. The game begins with a hand being dealt to the player and the dealer, each of two cards, quite similar to blackjack. The cards are added up, and if the sum of the hands exceeds 10, then 10 is subtracted from the total. For instance, if the player is dealt two 9 cards, the total would become eight. If a player receives a hand of totalling eight or nine, it is considered a “natural” and is a winning hand much like a 21 in blackjack. Unlike blackjack is the fact that you cannot have hand that busts, or automatically loses.

  • If a player or the house receives a six or seven total of cards, the player must automatically stand
  • If the player’s hand equals five or less after the deal, than the player must automatically hit.


There are three types of bets in Baccarat.

  • Bet that the player’s hand will be closest to the total nine
  • Bet that the dealer’s hand will be closest to the total 9
  • Bet that the hands will result in a tie
  • If the player does not hit, and stands, the dealer must hit on a total of five or less
  • In the event of the house or dealer receives a natural eight, only a natural 9 can beat the hand

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Tips and hints

  • Betting on a tie is remote bet at best, though the pay-off can be quite large. The percentage is generally around 14%
  • Do your homework. The best strategy for being successful is to learn from other players and to play the game yourself
  • Understand that there are no fool-proof strategies or approaches that will win every time, or the majority of the time. Unlike other games such as Texas Hold em’ or other forms of poker, strategy and bluffing does not come into play. The game of baccarat is a game of pure chance.
  • Betting on the player’s hand is the highest probability, and has a pay-off of 1-1


  • Player’s hand bet pays out 1-1
  • Betting on the dealer’s hand pays out 1-1 minus 5% commission
  • If hands result in a tie, the player receives their bet in return unless the player bet on a tie.