The World’s Greatest Gambles [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the constant growth of the online gambling industry and the masses of new players that decide to try their luck at the tables, we thought that we would have a look at some of the biggest gambles that have been recorded from the past and we have some great information for you!

Have you ever wanted to know why a gambler would refuse to collect his $4,444 winnings? Want to know why live casino players would rather make their way into the casino through the back door than the entrance?

We have searched the record books and as many internet resources that we could think of to get our hands on some fun and interesting gambling facts that will be sure to blow you over from the moment that you read them, and then presented them all in a way that is fun and easy to follow.

Remember guys, these facts are all true and have been recorded as proof, so although they are unbelievable, we promise that all of them are 100% true!

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Let us know your thoughts on the facts above and if you can think up another theme for our next infographic, be sure to let us know and you never know, we might like your idea so much that we make it our next release!

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One Response to “The World’s Greatest Gambles [INFOGRAPHIC]”

  1. Alex says:

    I can’t believe that someone won $4,444 and then refused to take it because they thought it was unlucky?!

    Surely when he gets home and checks his wallet he’ll feel like he should have taken it! haha!

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