Top 20 of the World’s Oddest Gambling Tables

Everyone loves a bit of novelty in their lives, and what better way than to combine it with a visit to the casino?! We thought we’d have a look and see if there were any novelty betting tables out there, and it turns out we were in luck!

We thought we’d put together 20 of the weirdest and funniest betting tables that we could find. Take a look below and let us know what you think!

20. What’s better than having lights on a casino table? Having lights IN a casino table.

19. We love that this is clearly just in someone’s house!

18. It would appear that light-up tables are becoming all the rage!

17. If they had casinos in space, this is what we imagine the tables might look like!

16. Forsooth! Ye olde gambling table!

15. Compact, yet perfect for all your gambling needs!

14. Love Lynyrd Skynyrd? Love gambling? You’re in luck!

13. Wow. There are no words.

12. Ever look at a table in a casino and think ‘I know what this could use, some lovely green lighting that makes me feel a bit like I’m underwater.’? Well, good news, you’ve found it!

11. Looks like Apple are trying to fight their way into the casino market as well

10. Let’s hope you’re the one doing the firing at this boardroom table

9. Perfect for the Knights of the Decagon table

8. If casino tables were people, this one would be James Bond. Suave.

7. A table ready-made for The Only Way is Essex ladies.

6. A game for the brave; baggage roulette. Good luck!

5. We wouldn’t mind winning a cut of this table!

4. Taking gambling straight into the 21st century.

3. This could definitely double up as a dining table. Two-in-one!

2. It’s going to be hard to keep your hand a secret at this poker table! Unless you’re the Incredible Hulk.

1. And last but not least, our favourite. Simple, but effective. The swimming pool poker table. For when normal holiday inflatables just won’t cut it.

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