Paddy’s to launch VIP mobile casino brand

Paddy Power is shortly to launch a premium mobile casino brand aimed at iPad and iPhone users.

CEO Patrick Kennedy (pictured on left) said that Roller, “a premium brand, a premium product, for premium Apple devices” was being introduced to tap into the continued growth in the UK online casino market – 806,000 players in March 2012 compared to 556,000 in March 2010 according to Kennedy  – and the “very rapid penetration” of mobile casino and games.

The Paddy Power boss said the company’s recently launched mobile casino, which was rolled out in May, had been growing far faster during the first few months than any of the other company’s mobile launches, despite only offering nine games.

“The reason for that fast growth is casino is well suited to the short time sessions common to mobile usage, it’s a single player game and has a relatively simple interface”, said Kennedy.

Paddy Power had decided to create a standalone brand to acquire players directly, said Kennedy, as “research shows that Paddy Power, in common with other sportsbook operators, is not seen, rightly or wrongly, as a casino specialist.”

According to the Paddy Power chief: “The target customer base is in the sweet spot of ABC1 males, of which there are 13 million in the UK, iPhone and iPad users, of which there are seven million, and online casino users, of which there are around 800,000. The sweet spot between the three is about 350,000 potential customers. That is our target market. We expect to go live very shortly.”

Roller has “high quality immersive features” and a version tailored for iPad users, ”as they expected more than an enlarged version of an iPhone app, and they are not [currently] getting that in that space”, he said.

Sports-betting based social game BetDash, which allows players to trade real money for a virtual bankroll of £100,000 with the aim of turning that into £1m by betting on actual sporting events, will also be “fully launched with marketing spend behind it in quarter four”.

Kennedy was speaking at the company’s first half earnings call, as the company unveiled net revenue growth of 29% to €311.2m in the six months to the end of June, driven by double digit revenue growth in every division. Pre-tax profit was up 21% to €68.7m.

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