Microgaming launches Blaze Poker ‘fast fold’ software

Microgaming has launched Blaze Poker across its poker network. The new ‘fast fold’ style game gives players the chance to play up to 300 hands per hour in cash games, with new hands dealt as soon as players fold, ensuring non-stop multi-table action.

Ladbrokes is the first site to offer Blaze Poker games, which work by placing players in a pool of hundreds of competitors and moving players to a new table with new cards whenever they fold a hand.

The innovative software means that once players have folded before the flop they will not have to wait for the game to play out but can get right back into the action with a new hand. The speedy game play also means that players can accumulate loyalty points and other bonuses at a faster pace.

Head of network games at Microgaming, Lydia Melton, said, “Although a few fast poker products have popped up on the market in recent months, from an operator perspective, Blaze Poker sets itself apart with its seamless integration … creating a user experience that is second to none.”

Perhaps the most important aspect to consider for players of Blaze Poker is that they will be moved around the tables and not sat with the same players for long. This is good news for casual players looking for variety but not so good for serious poker players who will normally like to get to know their opponents over time to read their play.

Ladbrokes players can find Blaze Poker games in the lobby underneath the tab for cash games.

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