PokerStars kicks off eighth annual World Blogger Championship

PokerStars is well known for its regular tournaments that offer loads of cash not only to serious poker players, but also to players who place well down the line, say in the 70s.

But the world’s biggest poker room also offers regular tournaments for the less-than-serious player that also get a lot of publicity, offer guaranteed jackpots and net very real winnings.

The same will will hold true starting today Thursday 23 February, when the annual World Blogger Championship of online poker (WBCOOP) kicks off.

There will be 11 days of poker, prizes and you can rest assured that the eighth run of the tournament will be smooth sailing; they’ve had time to work out the kinks.

To say PokerStars’ prize giving for the tournament is generous could be seen as an understatement. They’re offering prizes not just for the players in the tournament but for various other “achievements” as well. For example, the best live Tweeter stands to win as does the best blogger who submits a 500-word post about what they would do if they won the prize money of US$5,000.

In addition, each person who submitted a blog post was offered tickets for 10 of the 30 live events that make up this year’s tournament, excluding the main event.

Those who qualify as “casher” finishers in one of the events gets automatic entry into the main event being held Sunday, March 4.

If you’ve missed this year’s entrance, don’t sweat it. Get a ticket to one of the events, watch and learn. Even the most seasoned players know that practice and observation make perfect.

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