James Akenhead Wins PokerStars Sunday Million Tournament

James Akenhead, UK online poker player wins Pokerstars Sunday Million Tournament.

James “Asprin1” Akenhead is one of the UK’s top poker pros when it comes to live tournaments. The 28-year-old is number 8 on the country’s poker-earner’s money list with an impressive £2,994,779 since he began his tournament career in 2005. Nearly half of that amount was won at the 2009 WSOP Main Event: £1,263,602.

As successful as Akenhead as been on the live circuit, he’s no slouch in the online poker tournament world either. On January 22nd, 2012 he added £213,750 to his growing pockets after winning PokerStars Sunday Million tournament. Approximately 30 members of PokerStars Team Pro and Online Team joined the £215 buy-in that attracted a spectrum of 1,725 players.

In the tournament Akenhead was sponsored by Gentig Poker and hit the final nine at an international table that included two players from Germany and Brazil, as well as players from Greece, Russia, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

One of Akenhead’s opponents, handle Ansgar2000, seemed starstruck by the pro during this conversation:
“Ansgar2000: you are james akenhead?
Asprin1: ya
Asprin1: you?
Ansgar2000: serious?
Ansgar2000: sick
Ansgar2000: you dont play online normally?
Asprin1: no dont play too much”
Upon Akenhead’s win he had this to say, “Thx so much to all you sick railers…..Drinks on me nx time I see you!! “

StarPokers Sunday Tournament is the biggest weekly online poker tournament in the world. It’s a no limit hold ‘em game with a gaurenteed prize pool of, you guessed it, one million GBP. First place is at least £150,000 and as Akenhead proved, can sometimes be quite a bit more.

If you’re looking to qualify all you have to do head over to the PokerStars lobby and select either “Tourney” and “Regular” or “Tourney” and “Special” you can buy in directly or register for a satellite. Satellites are available throughout the week and are available for as little as £2.20 or 400 FPP credits. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll find yourself up against Akenhead himself.

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