The Definitive Top 10 Most Important Online Casino Features

What do you look for when choosing an online casino to play at? We’ve compiled the definitive top 10 most important online casino features that players look for in an operator…

1. Games

Whether you are a blackjack fan, poker ace, or prefer the spin of the roulette wheel, the choice of games has to be the most important feature of a casino site. Most sites offer the more popular casino games, but players with a niche favourite need to ensure their needs are catered for before signing up.

2. Security

Of course, there’s no point enjoying the games at a site if your money isn’t safe. It is important to check that your chosen online casino has all the latest encryption technology to protect your details.

3. Customer Support

If you have a problem or need to ask a question, it’s vital that you can speak to someone that can help you. Easy to reach customer support is a crucial ingredient of a good casino site. It is also great to find a FAQ section for simply queries.

4. Signup Offers

Sign up bonuses are often the first thing a player looks for when selecting a new casino. It’s true that these bonuses can be some of the very best you’ll ever get while the casino wants to lure you in. However, no matter how big the bonus, be careful not to get distracted from other important features.

5. Community

The community aspect of a casino can be very important to some players and less so for others. Many players like to recreate a real casino atmosphere and the ability to play in a live dealer casino within the site, with real dealers and other players, can make the difference between a regular gaming session and an interactive, fully-engaging casino experience.

6. Promotions

In a similar way to the sign up bonuses, the promotions on offer at a site can easily lure a player in. Promotions can include regular monthly bonuses, special one off events and lots of attractive money-making opportunities. It is a good idea to choose a casino with lots of regularly updated promotions to keep interest levels high, but be careful not to put the promotions above other important considerations such as security and games choice.

7. Graphics

All players want their casino to look good. Just as important if not more so is that the games play smoothly and realistically. Have a go for free money first to get a feel for the graphics of a site before signing up. Preferences for certain graphics can also be subjective, so it is important to ‘try before you buy’.

8.   Deposit / Withdrawal Methods

There is nothing more frustrating than winning money and then not being able to withdraw it. Make sure you check that your chosen casino offers deposit and withdrawal methods that suit your preferences and your wallet. Do you prefer to deposit and withdraw onto your credit card? Make sure there isn’t a supplementary charge for certain payment methods.

9. Brand

A brand image will attract certain people to a particular brand and away from another. Look around the sites that interest you and when you feel drawn to a site, take a closer look. The design and brand image that you feel connected to might well just be your ideal match. Then again, that fun feeling site could be a pain to navigate around, whereas that more boring-looking site just might have your perfect selection of games!

10. Slots Titles

If you are a slots fan then the selection of slot games at a site will be a priority. Whether you enjoy the classic titles found in land-based casinos, prefer lesser known niche games or fancy winning a big progressive jackpot, slots are one of the biggest features of online casinos.

Online gaming enthusiast and Casino Choice journalist.

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